I'm Victoria, by day a journalist working for a newspaper in rural England. But in my other life, I've become a sewing obsessive. My three-year-old daughter is my muse. I gaze at her and think of the next thing to create. 

And my seven-year-old son is my companion in sewing - stitching pieces of felt together for his own creations. That's how I began sewing,making felt dolls clothes aged five or six, alongside my mum. Then for years I barely sewed at all, until the arrival of my daughter. I realised that I could create the clothes I love myself, and it's the perfect excuse to indulge my fabric addiction. Sewing is an antidote to the fast pace of my working life. 

As I create new things for my daughter, I discover new techniques, skills and ideas. This is where I share my discoveries... My Sewing Skills, however are a lot better than my blogging skills - but I'm learning fast. I love to have your comments, and encouragement and am happy to get involved in on-line projects - I'd love invitations to guest post!
You can email me at victoria_temple[at]hotmail.com.

Do say hello! 


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