Shark's Teeth Pintucks

 I loved the sculptural look of these shark teeth pintucks, and they were surprisingly easy to do.

1. Start by taking the piece of fabric to be used.  This is the strip I  used for the yoke. It needs to be at least three times as long as the finished size desired, plus add a generous allowance on all sides. My finished yoke is 12 cm long, but started life as a 40cm strip.
Mark the strip at 2cm intervals and fold, iron and pin

2. Stitch the folds in place, to create blind tucks, eg each fold should touch the next seam. I made five blind tucks.

3. Snip the pintucks carefully at 4cm intervals. Make the snips at alternate places on each tuck to create a pattern that looks like bricks in a wall. Eg the snip should be in the centre spot between the snips on the row above. Oops think I should have taken an extra picture of this

4.  Fold the corners of each snipped section underneath at 45 degrees and pin in place. Lots of pins! And then iron vigorously with plenty of steam!

 5. Stitch next to each pintuck seam with a wide zigzag, making sure to catch the folded triangles underneath... and ta dah!

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