Echino love birds and give-away!

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 15:35

It was Kids Clothes Week last week - and what did I sew?
A cushion!

Yes, but believe me Missy has attempted to wear cushions before, climbing right inside the cover and calling it a hat.

But not this cushion cover - no chance. I love it too much

And it's also a little indication of how I sew. Which is, very quickly, impulsive, a bit 'feet first' if that is at all possible with a sewing machine.

I found myself with a peaceful daytime hour spare. This is a rarity. Missy was at nursery and my son was at home, but playing quietly with his lego men. I seized the moment and in that hour this cushion was created. I didn't have a full fat quarter of this stunning Echino cherry fabric. Readers may remember I used a triangle for this dress.
 So I knew I'd have to make up the shape somehow. Which made it more interesting. I teamed the Echino with some oatmeal coloured cotton, purple bias trim for piping, and cherry pink cotton.  My original plan had been to put the purple bias round the whole square, but it made the cushion look too boxy. So I added it just too the ends. 

And then I wanted some kind of textural interest, so put pleated tucks in the oatmeal and the pink. And an extra line of purple piping on the back. I wanted something a little geometric, a little art deco, perhaps Charles Rennie Mackintosh style...(google him.... famous Scottish designer).

I must admit I whizzed through the tucks.  They kind of open up a bit, but I don't mind that either. They look like origami to me. I could sense that any minute my son's peaceful playing afternoon might end, and I had a deadline to pick up Missy. But I also know that if I don't sew like crazy, I don't finish stuff.
So here it is - my one hour cushion! 

Now that giveaway.

I've got a Kokka fat quarter that I daren't let myself ruin in another crazy one-hour sewing mission. It would make the sweetest trim or bodice or pockets on a little girl's dress! 

I'd love to see it pop up elsewhere on the blogosphere! 
To enter you need to follow this blog on bloglovin' , blogger or facebook,  - AND leave me a comment below or on the facebook page, to let me know you're a follower and  would like to be in the draw. 
If you're already a follower you can enter too , just leave me a comment below or on Facebook.
I don't mind posting anywhere in the world! And the really good news (for me) is that next week I'll be in New York, with my Echino fat quarter with me in my case, so postage in the US is really easy (but don't feel left out if you're in the rest of the globe!)  Did I say I'll be in New York....can you tell I'm excited! Closing date November 8

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  1. That cushion is darling, and I love pleated tucks on the side :) Your daughter is very creative using cushions as hats :) My daughter used my soft sewing machine cover as a skirt and ripped it a little hehe Kids are so funny :) I would like to try my luck and with that gorgeous fabric. I think it will look FUNtastic paired up with denim :)

  2. Victoria, I love your color pairings on your pillow... Risky yet you totally pulled it off! LOVE!!!! And please enter me in the draw for that fabric. I am thinking that it would look lovely on little Gaëlle, Perhaps the Olivia dress pattern?

    Have a lovely trip if I don't get to chat with you first!


  3. Love that cute pillow! I started following you on Bloglovin and would love that darn cute Kokka fabric! I live in the US so you can send me from NY (though that place is like on the another planet for me here in the south. lol).

  4. Just discovered you via the secret squirrel. Love your style - your daughter is very lucky! Now following you on bloglovin.

  5. I also just discovered your blog via secret squirrel and I am now following you on bloglovin too. I love the cushion, especially the pleats! So jealous that you were able to create that in just an hour :)

  6. so glad i popped over here for the secret squirrel! your sewing (and little girl) are just darling! i'm following on facebook now because hello, who doesn't want to win a bit of that fabulous fabric ;] can't wait to see more sewing!

  7. I follow on Facebook!
    I found you via Secret Squirrel. LOVE your outfit.
    What a lovely giveaway.
    I am a sucker for Kokka:)


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