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By Victoria As-it-Seams - 13:47

Normally my blog posts 'unveil' the latest creation. But this time I'm going to do things the 'wrong way round'.

I'm going to share a little of my 'sewing thinking' first... And hopefully start something big....
If you saw my recent post (New York Pumpkin Spice Latte Quest) you'll know that I returned across the Atlantic with this dress.
It's not something I'm going to wear everyday, but it was something I just couldn't resist in a Brooklyn Flea Market.

Something about the shapes inspired me. It's a genuine 1960s dress, in the strangest material. It feels like an open weave wool, but the reverse has a strange kind of nylon coating. Weird!

But the shape is lovely.
It has a 3/4 circle skirt, a beautifully shaped bodice with darts that make it fit and flare. 
And that white triangular insert is set behind the red, so that there are little folds of red down either side. And I like the way the white is cut straight across, rather than a curved neckline. And the little covered buttons arranged in pairs, and the concealed zip....

Yep...it's got my sewing brain ticking away.

So I'm going to sew something for Missy for Christmas, inspired by this dress. Not a literal copy, I don't think - although that would be quite cute - but I'm going to use it as inspiration.
Here's the lowdown:
  • Dress: 1960s, vintage
  • Designer: A label that reads ILGWU, International Ladies Garment Workers Union
  • Fabric: Open weave wool, nylon backing
  • Key features: 3/4 circle skirt, triangular white bodice insert, horizontal neckline, paired covered buttons,
Because this dress is just so Christmassy, I'm going to unveil my creation in time for Christmas, along with a special announcement which I'm ever-so-excited about. (Now I've given myself a deadline, I've got to do it!)

And it seemed that because it's Christmas I should 'share the inspiration.' Does it inspire you too? I would love it if you sewed along with me. Perhaps you're also inspired by that triangular insert, or red-and-white combination, or something totally random that I haven't noticed!
Do get in touch!

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  1. Victoria, I just love this dress! Thank you for the close-up pics and the great description as I was wondering exactly what it was made of.... You look amazing wearing it, by the way!!! Yep, I'm inspired!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to make for Missy :)

  3. You look lovely in it Victoria. Can't wait to see what you make:)


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