From My Mother to Me 5; While she was sleeping

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 01:27

I'm so thrilled to welcome Jenya from While she was sleeping for the next installment of From my Mother to Me...We're getting ever closer to Mother's Day next week!
Jenya is not only a really talented sewist, but she's been a great blogging friend over this last year, helping me out will all kinds of little questions. Over to you Jenya!

Hi guys, my name is Jenya. I share my sewing adventures at While she was sleeping. It is a pleasure to be sharing what I have learned from my Mum and Grandma today. Thank you Victoria for inviting me to be a part of this exciting series!

I grew up in Moscow, Russia with two wonderful crafting people - my Mum and Babushka (Grandma). My Babushka was a brilliant sewist. She sewed for herself, my mum growing up, and my brother and I. I have fond memories of the many beautiful outfits she made for me when I was little. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to share with you. I cannot remember Babushka using a pattern once. Mum said she had one or two tucked away somewhere, but she didn't need to use them. Babushka had the coolest foot powered sewing machine! I loved playing with the foot pedal pretending I was driving a train when I was a little girl.

My Babushka passed away when I was 15. Recently my Mum brought me some fabric that Babushka never got to use. It is an amazing feeling to be able to turn precious fabric left from her to make something special for my daughter. Please click on images if you would like to read corresponding posts.

My Mum can sew as well, but knitting is her preferred craft. She is simply amazing at it. When I watch her knit it appears as if her hands have a life of their own! She designs her own patterns and she never stops. I think my mum's To Knit list is twice as long as my To Sew list!

Here are a few of my favourite things my Mum made for our Little Monkey.

This jumper is my all time favourite (and Little Monkey's too!)

These amazing women have encouraged my pursuits in various forms of crafting over the years - making soft toys, cross stitching, beading. I remember hand stitching clothes for my dolls when I was in primary school.

I believe I have learned a lot from my Mum and Babushka. Mum always pays a lot of attention at the beginning of every new project. I also make sure I take my time when outlining and cutting out the pattern pieces. This way I know they will align nicely and ensure the sewing process is enjoyable.

Mum and Babushka always managed to find time to sew and knit. I have a nice routine that allows me to enjoy some 'Me' time without sacrificing precious family time (well, at least not too much hehe).

I learned that it is OK to make mistakes, developing new skills can be fun and that you won't know what you can do unless you give it a go.

Over the past two and a half years I came up with a couple of rules for myself:
- do not cut fabric when tired;
- always pre-wash and press the fabric before cutting it;
- always press the seams;
- don't sew past 1 am. Being a mum at 6 am is much more enjoyable if one gets a good sleep (OK I may have broken this one a few times).

Love for knitting and sewing runs in my family. I am wondering which craft Little Monkey will prefer when she is older! 

Thanks Jenya! It's so lovely to see knitting and craft skills crossing generations and  continents. Love your rules, sewing past 1am is always a bad idea (and I'm trying to add blogging and picture editing to that rule)...
Next week it's Mothers Day in USA, Australia and all kinds of places. We finish up our tour with Suz from Sewpony...Can't wait....!

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  1. Your Mum is a talented knitter, Jenya. All the outfits are lovely, but my favourite is the blue and white patterned dress... just adorable.

  2. Lovely, Jenya! Need to remind myself to follow those rules (cutting when tired), I ruined some fabric just today. Молодец! Камилла

  3. Very nice to read Jenya! Funny how these things run in the family. The 1 am rule, I should incorporate that one!

  4. Lovely post Jenya, both, you and your mom are so very talented. I always love what you sew for your little girl and those knitted dresses are gorgeous.

  5. Ah Jenya, thank you so much for this beautiful account of your childhood and your mother and Babushka's influence on the Jenya that we know today! :-)


  6. What a wonderful history, Jenya! They sound like two very talented and amazing women.


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