Confession! - Gorgeous fabric 'chopped' for an Elisalex dress

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 04:52

Do you ever feel guilty about cutting gorgeous fabric?
I do with this dress, because I stuffed up a little, and it is Nani Iro double guaze...
Well oops!

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

This dress is now partially in bits - awaiting a restitch
But if I wait till its fixed before  I blog, that will be...2016? . And these pictures are already looking incongruous taken in the lovely autumn sunshine that has now disappeared. So let's treat this as 'Work in Progress' ? OK?

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seamsElisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

The pattern is Elisalex from By Hand London. And it is so lovely. I was wary of that Tulip skirt. The pattern pieces look soooo wide right around the hips. But I think that this emphasises the  fitted waist, and then hides a multitude of sins. Um, if it fits correctly!

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

But it also created a big fitting headache - for me at least. According to the pattern chart I was a UK size 8 bust, size 12 waist. So I redrafted the bodice. With some success. But the lovely scoop back neckline gaped massively, and slipped off my shoulders (I have since learned a new fitting term 'shoulder slope'). If you make an Elisalex, make a decent muslin!

So I re-stitched the zip, taking in a couple of inches. The result is a zip that now pulls across my shoulders. And I'm embarrassed to publish this pic.  So please don't look too closely. It's now been unpicked again, waiting another re-fit. That poor Nani Iro, it can barely stand the constant seam-rippping.

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

Speaking of which, I can't tell you how fabulous this fabric is.

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

It's double-gauze and looks as if it's been scribbled all over with a pencil. It's from Miss Matatabi, of course.

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams
[Addition, Dec 3] This fabric has made appearances before here at As it Seams.

I made this easy peasy blouse for Missy, after an evening of cursing at the fit of this Elisalex, and back in July  made a little fish for Rachel at Stitched Together. The fabric has a lovely white border stripe, but I thought that would be a bit too 'seaside' for this dress, so left it out - which added a cutting out challenge. But I managed it!

Nani iro blouseA fish for Rachel

And now this dress is now back on my sewing shelves, it did have a London outing. I felt fabulous strolling by the Thames on a rare day out, to view Matisse (Matisse! Love love!) and sip a glass of wine uninterrupted by any child, and pretend to be grown-up!

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

Elisalex in Nani Iro double guaze herringbone as it seams

The Elisalex dress, By Hand London

The Verdict.

A stylish pattern, which flatters the waist


Make a muslin and pay very close attention, especially to the shoulders. This needs to fit really well to look good, and to avoid annoying 'shoulder slip'


Be daunted. This is actually an easy sew
Add pockets! I hid inseam pockets in that wonderful Tulip skirt, there's plenty of room.

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  1. Victoria. I love this fabric! The dress looks lovely, and will fit just like a glove I am sure. I love the shape of the bodice, and the back looks oh so sexy! The skirt is very flattering indeed! Is it the same fabric you used to make a top for Missy a little while ago?

    1. Jenya, this dress has taken me so long to sew, blog and photograph that I'd totally forgotten Missy's blouse! I've edited this post to add in a pic, because I think it shows off the versatility of the fabric. Not sure my photos do it justice (taken by a combination of my 8-year-old, and my grumpy Mr As it Seams). But it has a lovely deep sea blue, just gorgeous!
      And yes the skirt is surprisingly flattering - and the back lovely, if you can get it to fit. I need to be able to move my shoulders!

  2. You have to finish the job quickly because the dress already looks great.

    1. Thanks! My aim is to have it finished for spring! It's on the shelf just now while winter projects take over!

  3. You look so pretty! Sorry about the fitting issues!

  4. Very brave to leave the white stripe out, I recently made a dress in the green version of this fabric.

  5. I'm so pleased I found your post!! Love your dress- I have just bought some Nano Iro double gauze and was worried it wouldn't be stiff enough for the Elisalex so delighted to see how fab yours looks. Muslin cutting starts today! Thank you for sharing. :-)


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