The easiest excuse to sew Nani Iro: Sewing for Paris #3

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 02:17

Sometimes you just want to have some Nani Iro fabric, just want to touch it, gaze and possibly wear it. And what to sew is almost irrelevant. 
This is the solution to those moments;
My very easy Nani Iro scarf - which also doubles up as a subterfuge excuse to buy more Nani Iro. Be warned this scarf is dangerous - "I can always make a scarf" my sewing addict brain whispers as I scroll through Nani Iro prints.

Nani Iro scarf

In sewing terms, there's barely anything to say about this scarf. It's one metre of Nani Iro, cut in half lengthways, so that I had two strips 50cm x 1m. I stitched them end to end, then folded the whole long strip in half, and carefully stitched mini-pompom trim into the long seam and both ends, leaving one narrow end open to turn it right sides out, which I hand-stitched closed.

Nani Iro scarf

Et voila! One lovely summer scarf ! 
I sewed this in time for our wonderful Paris Sew Social trip as a little something to liven up my 'neutral' Paris dresses. And am blogging it now, in time for Nani Iro month hosted by purveyor of the finest Japanese fabrics, Miss Matatabi. The fabric is Nani Iro's Spectacle in shun, from Miss Matatabi.
It's a beautiful ethereal print a kind of dreamy landscape, in fresh spring colours of pink and green. 
Nani Iro scarf
I love the print but I have slight reservations about the colour on me. I'm used to stronger darker colours and this is perhaps a little pale on me.  I think perhaps it will look best later in the summer, with a floaty dress. I'd love to hear your thoughts? I'm trying to venture away from wearing blue all the time, but struggle to find step out of my comfort zone...

Nani Iro scarf

Nani Iro scarf

Now I apologise if I have just provided you with the easiest excuse to go shopping for Nani Iro double gauze. I know, I know, it's going to be hard to resist!

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  1. Love it :)
    I've been using the "scarf" excuse for quite a long time as well. Although in my defense, I can testify that "my scarfs" get so much wear that they are totally worth the investment!

  2. That scarf is so pretty. I know it! I've seen it life on a beautiful woman ;)

  3. One cannot go wrong with a scarf :) Love this print, and I actually like these colours on you. Gotta get my hands on double gaze one day.

  4. What a great idea for Nani Iro!! Ps. if you want your blog banner to appear white instead of greyish, save it as a PNG file instead of JPG;)


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