Sewing for Sara's Baby... a little gift for a new baby

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 06:00

There aren't many people for whom I will cut up the last remnant of my precious Nani Iro fabric.
But Sara, of Made by Sara is one of them.
Or rather, for Sara's beautiful baby boy.

Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel, ocean, vest

He's baby number four in Sara's lovely little family in Portugal. Isn't that so special? 
My little family is just a dinky twosome of children - so four children seems so amazing, and so much fun.

Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel, ocean, vest

Sara is just the sweetest person, as well as a lovely seamstress. And she's always brimming with good ideas, like the Alice in Wonderland and Japanese Sewing Series which she organised and hosted.

So it was hardly surprising that a gang of us all took to our sewing machines to sew for Sara and her new little boy.

Now I've forgotten a lot of what it's like to have a new baby. How small are they? What do you need? It's all a blur...
Which might be why I've sewn something that Sara will have to put away for a little while.
This pattern is the vest from Little Kiwis Closet, sewn in size 12 months, the smallest available.

My scraps of special fabric are precious, but I know they'll go to a good home with Sara in Portugal.

This vest is sewn from Robert Kaufman's Shetland Flannel, the softest loveliest fabric, and a remnant of Nani Iro double gauze. Both are the kind of fabric that make me want to stroke them lovingly like the fluffy hair of a newborn baby.

The vest is completely reversible. Yes, I know the Nani Iro is a little girly/pretty, but Sara's boy can carry that off I'm sure.

I added piping, well because piping is always good, but this did mean I needed to think about the construction carefully, because I had to sew the side seams first so that I could keep that continuous piping line around the whole edge. In the end I had to handstitch the armholes.

There's something very special about sending something in real life to a blogging friend. I love to think that Sara's little boy, and Sara will be holding this in their hands very soon.

I always get soooo excited about new babies. Perhaps it's because I know that I'm not going to have any more. Every day with my children is still filled with the joy of discovery and I think as your children get older you know even more, just how much they bring to our lives, how big and long and exciting the journey is. I look at teeny babies now and think, "wow, there is sooooo much to come....How completely thrilling."

Now there's going to be a lot of lovely baby Sewing for Sara. Be warned, taking a look around this lovely group of bloggers will make you broody!

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  1. Oh Victoria how precious! And what a beautiful post! I still think of what you did for me planning the amazing mobile when I had Hazel. It meant so much to me! It was so special and I was so blessed by it!

  2. A little luxury for a little person, because they deserve it <3 What a sweet idea :)

  3. This is so sweet! I love the flannel!

  4. I think Sara will love it. So thoughtful of you to organise this baby shower for Sara.

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