Bubbles and birds - THE dress of summer 2013

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 15:39

This has definitely been the dress of the summerWashed and worn loads and every time Missy puts it on it makes me smile.

It is, of course, An of Straightgrain's bubble dress pattern. I confess I'm a Straightgrain groupie, and it was this dress that got me started with this whole blogging thing. My photo doesn't do justice to that bubble skirt - but  co-ordinating my photographic skills, Missy's good mood, and my ability with an iron, proved a challenge to far.

I love this dress so much that I can't believe I let my little girl eat an ice lolly wearing it. (But I also try to remind myself that clothes are for wearing and having fun in). And I'm not really letting my daughter play on a railway lines. We're at a very quirky art fair in our town.

The bubble skirt is just the sweetest silhouette  and so easy to achieve. An is about to release her third pattern, the ever-so-pretty Hanami top, but I hope that doesn't overshadow the charms of the bubble dress!


The fabric is Rashida Coleman Hales' 1000 Cranes from her Tsuru collection for Cloud 9 and bought from Laughing House. It's gorgeous organic cotton. And I'm so obsessed with this fabric, that I've got a half metre stashed away. I've got a crazy plan that next summer I may replace the skirt with a longer version! The pattern is  fully lined - and I used an old cot sheet. I added navy piping to the collar and waist, creating graphic lines.
There's something so lovely about the bubble skirt, it makes me smile, makes Missy smile, and has random passers-by smile...It's our happy dress...

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  1. A beautiful version of this dress, Victoria. Love the piping!

  2. Lovely dress! I like the fabric and the piping is a detail that add a fantastic contrast to the dress.

  3. Beautiful dress. I love the fabric you picked. It looks beautiful with the dress. I love An's patterns too.


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