Spot the Hanami blouse...and still time for Echino fabric giveaway

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 02:49

When the request to test a prototype pattern arrives, what is a girl to do? Especially when it's the newest  Straight Grain pattern, the Hanami blouse...

It might be holiday season, my son might be off school, I might be juggling work, and packing holiday gear for a camping trip (did I just use the word 'holiday' with 'camping?'  I'm not convinced they belong together, but that's another story), as well as other crazy sewing projects and a gorgeous fabric giveaway (see here or the end of this post for details)

But, who could resist sewing a Hanami?
With little time to sew, let alone nurture creative inspiration, I played fairly safe in using Nani Iro's double gauze fabric, pocho in cobalt blue.
Now, I'm not very good at buying fabric online. Sometimes I strike lucky, other times the packet arrives and I think, "woah, what was I thinking?"
And when this little packet from Japan landed having flown half way round the globe, my heart lept with excitement. I tore it open, and then thought, "hmmm..."
It's a real electric blue, and a bigger spot than I imagined.
Is this too blue? Too spotty? Too clown-like, I pondered?
Stick with the vision, an inner voice told me. 


A  couple of night's focussed sewing ensued, and voila, one Hanami. It's an easy pattern, and An's detailed instructions mean this would be a great beginner sewing project. This is now my third Straightgrain pattern, I've made the Tinny dress , see here, and the bubble dress, see here; I'm having a real 'Straightgrain Week' here at As it Seams!
For the Hanami, I chose the cross-backed version, partly because I love that v-back, and also because I didn't have time to nip to my local shop for a zipper! 

It's fully lined with very fine pink voile, and I love the little flashes of pink at the flutter sleeves. In fact I now love the whole thing! The  blue and the spots might be bright and bold, but it all kind of works, and Missy, with her summer tan and dark hair can carry it off...

It is a teeny bit big on her though. I made a size 5, and she's only three and a half. It's loose on the neck, and gapes at the back. But that's fine by me. I'm sewing for next summer now! And I'm also thinking this can be worn as a layering blouse in the colder months.

Now a reminder about that giveaway - there's still time to win the gorgeous Etsuko Furuya designed Echino fabric. One fat quarter - enough to make a lovely cushion. Or inspire all kinds of creativity! The giveaway closes on Friday. Full details are on the preceding post  '"Flipped Tinny in a spin ".
In a nutshell - all you need to do is follow this blog on blogger, bloglovin or by email, or like the facebook page and leave me a comment to let me know you'd like to be in the lucky draw! Happy to post anywhere.

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  1. The polka dot fabric is a great choice for this lovely top, Victoria. I love the sleeves with the pink.

  2. Love the polka dots! Adorable!

  3. Polka dots are fun especially in electric blue - I love your version and the sneak peaks of hot pink :)

  4. Well done. it's a great pattern!

  5. The polka dots are lovely!
    For mine, I used a Japanese floral, but I need to sew another using dots - they fit so well with this pattern!

  6. Gorgeous fabric choice, Victoria, and such amazing pics! Your girl looks so cute. Thank you for your great help as a pattern tester, and for all your support for my patterns :-)

  7. Love the top :) I might just buy a pattern for myself :) I like the criss-cross option as it looks very original. I am a bit suss about buying fabric online. I am one of those people who like to touch and see... Maybe one day :)


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