Take One Dress #11 - Kid Approved

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 01:48

We're in for a treat - Two Take One Dress Creations just a week apart! This week, I'm welcoming Olga from Kid Approved for the penultimate stop on the Take One Dress journey.
Olga is an impeccable seamstress, with great taste combined with real sewing skill. This mac and dress is one of my favourite sewing creations from 2014! 
And now she's here on As it Seams - Over to you Olga...

Hello, I am Olga from Kid Approved. I am super excited to be one of the participants in the Take One Dress series. What a brilliant idea! 

The dress for me was chosen by Laura of Behind the Hedgerow. I love the bright colors and the simple, kid friendly silhouette of the dress.  
I loved the colors of the original dress, but couldn't quite find the right fabric. Nothing really spoke to me, until I looked through my stash and found beautiful linen by Anna Maria Horner. I loved the color palette. It also seemed to go very well with the gorgeous fall weather we had. 

I wanted to keep the A-line silhouette of the inspiration dress. My original plan was to keep the long sleeves as well. Unfortunately, I only had one yard of fabric to work with, so long sleeves were not an option. The pattern, slightly modified,  came from the 6/2013 issue of Ottbore magazine. I love Ottobre! The fit is always spot on, the designs are interesting and kid friendly. This particular issue might be my all time favorite, so many awesome patterns.

Ania loves it! She wore it to school it a few times paired with striped tights in rainbow colors and patterned leather boots. Add bigger then life personality and a mop of curly hair to that and it's quintessential Ania.

Here is what I have chosen for Victoria.  I love everything about this dress (well, besides the price). I like the mix of slightly preppy and slightly whimsical.  It's practical and fun. I also have a soft spot for border prints, show me a good border print fabric and I am in love (here is a similar dress I made for Ania last year) . :) Can't wait to see your interpretation Victoria! Good luck. :) Thank you so much for inviting me! 


Olga - I love it! The fabric is one I've been swooning over for months, and you had it in your stash! And you've sewn it for Take One Dress. I am so grateful. Love that you've kept the style so simple and clean lines.
And my sewing brain is heading in all kinds of directions now, with that 'inspiration' dress....Where to start? A city skyline? A shirt collar? Border print.....hmmm possibilities.
I'll be unveiling my creation, Take One Dress# 12 in Mid December, just in time for Christmas. 
I would love it if anyone out there wants to sewalong? Where would this dress take you?
As a Christmas special, if you sew a creation inspired by Olga's choice, I'll publish it here as a 'guest post'. Get in touch, via email or a comment and let me know!
 It's been an incredible year of creativity....Do pop back for the final installment!
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  1. I love this dress. And the first picture! Wow, what a beauty!!!
    And Olga chose such a perfect inspiration dress. Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. A stunning dress an great inspirational piece, great way to start my week. I will sew something based on that blue dress, that is for sure!

  3. Thank you so much for having me, Victoria! Thank you for you kind words. :) I am so happy you liked my dress and my inspiration for you. :) Can't wait to see what you design! :)

  4. You had this fabric in your stash Olga!!! That is almost a crime, haha. I'm coming to visit soon to see what else is there :-)) Stunning dress on a beautiful girl in lovely photos. Perfection!

  5. Such a stunning dress! That fabric is amazing!!!!

  6. The print and the colours of that fabric are amazing Olga!. This is a great job, I love the dress you put as inspiration for Victoria.

  7. Just beautiful Olga!! You'll be hoping Ania does not grow too fast :)

  8. Аня - просто чудо :) Обожаю ее завитушки :) Новое платье ей очень подходит. Потрясающие цвета! Удобно и красиво - самое оно для маленьких непосед ;)

  9. wow, this dress is divine! The colors are magnificient, as is the bold print!

  10. Hi ggreat reading your blog


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