A blouse of Joy... and smiles, and flowers..

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

So the clue is in the fabric's name; Joy.
And that is exactly what this metre and a half has brought me.

Its full name is Joy Flower in Smile (isn't that the most life-enhancing name!) It's by Nani Iro, double gauze, bought from  Miss Matatabi and on sale here.
(I must confess to developing a certain addiction to little packets arriving from Japan...)

My photographs - taken by my eight year old son Torin - don't do the delicacy of this fabric justice.

It is a subtle pale beige, a colour I don't often choose. It's over printed with subtle garlands of white flowers that have the gentlest shimmer , and little spots of floral colour.  'Smile' indeed....(and yes...I spotted that stray loose thread too. But if I ask Torin to re-shoot the photos, smiles will evaporate).

For a pattern, I went for something effortless and simple - this great free pattern from Melly Sews, the High Low Shirt.
I actually completed this months ago, in the same week that I finished Mr As it Seams' birthday present shirt which was such a monumental project, that I need a sewing antidote.
Melly Sews blouse was it. With just three pattern pieces, it's dipped hem at the back, gentle shaping with bust darts, this only took an hour or so.  I cut the main pattern pieces with a slight flare to them, in an effort to create a swing silouhette. The sleeves are bang on my elbow, a flattering length - but it does mean they look creased immediately - this blouse is freshly ironed for these photos, honestly.

I also completed a sewing first - home made bias binding neckline. I had barely enough fabric to complete the bias, so it's in lots of short strips, and the double gauze wasn't the easiest to maneouvre, but it turned out fine.

And this has been a real wardrobe hit. I had aimed to make this as a sew-along for Miss Matatabi's Nani Iro month (which was in June... yes. yes, I know.... it's September...) 
I did manage to finish this in time to take on our summer holiday, and it was a lovely easy piece to chuck in my bag. Here it is in situ, complete with holiday creases, in a Romanian meadow. Photo by Torin, aged eight.
Joy Flower, Smile, indeed....

"It's lovely to have you here, come back soon!"

Take one Dress # 9 - Glitter + Wit

Monday, 1 September 2014

IT'S September! It's the new term! And Take One Dress, the monthly creative chain, is back! 
And this time, I'm thrilled to welcome Tasha from Glitter + Wit. Tasha must be one of the most creative seamstresses out there. Her sewing is always surprising and stunning, and her blog is so much fun. And for Take One Dress, she's come up with another wonderful creation... Over to you Tasha!

As my daughter says to the cashier and bagger at the grocery checkout, "hey guys; it's ME!!!" But seriously, I'm Tasha, I blog at Glitter+Wit, and I am pumped to be a part of the Take One Dress series. In case you missed the dress Renee picked as my inspiration, here it is:

You can find Renee's pin for this Mini Boden dress here. I usually love all the Mini Boden things I come across on Pinterest, but this one just wasn't really speaking to me. I pulled myself together and ended up with something I feel really draws from the inspiration, but is still ME. And looking at the inspiration again, I can see that I may have been subconsciously influenced by the orange on the shoes!Ha!


I modified the [Baby] Hummingbird Dress pattern by Rabbit Rabbit Creations to create this fun little dress. I added the mismatched collar, faux belt, and rosettes. I also reduced the width of the elastic casing, lengthened the straps to create a crossed back, and pleated the skirt with my pleating foot (instead of gathering).

glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-8 glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-7The hem was a happy accident that resulted in the perfect full twirly skirt. For the photoshoot, I told E she had to wear the dress but she could choose the accessories. Of course she picked her STYLO hat (her "rain hat") and bright red shoes & socks. Kids will be kids!

glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-11glitter-and-wit-take-one-dress-3The entire dress is knit (vintage!), which pretty much means that it ended up a little too big. I took up the straps a bit but didn't adjust the elastic. She'll be wearing this one through next Summer! Next on the Take One Dress line-up is Laura from Behind the Hedgerow. My inspiration for Laura is one of my very favorite dresses ever--the dress I made for my daughter's 18 month photos. I made this dress about a month into my sewing/blogging adventure, and it's the dress that helped solidify my own personal sewing style. Have fun, Laura! And of course, thanks so much for adding me to the series, Victoria! 


Tasha, thank you! I completely love your creation! It's so fun and wearable and a bit whacky. Just brilliant!

And your inspiration dress is great too. So many ideas to play with - I'm sure Laura's going to have fun. Don't miss Laura's creation here in October! Follow As it Seams on facebook, blogger etc on the links below! See you next month!

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