A Rabbit's Waistcoat - Alice in Wonderland, Chapter Three

Monday, 18 January 2016

So let's start 2016 with a little time travel? And a white rabbit...

I'm the world's slowest blogger, and just as it is snowing, I'm sharing pictures of summer flowers. But this is my little webspace, so I can do what I like, right?

And time travel is entirely appropriate - because this is  Alice in Wonderland Sewing.

Last  summer Sara, of Made by Sara, had the genius idea of celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland with a sewing series. And it captured my imagination. I had Way Too Many Ideas...

Chapter one, was a pair of  table-cloth dresses, , Chapter Two, was this little blouse, and this is, ta da..

Chapter Three, The White Rabbit's Waistcoat.

It's inspired by other elements from Alice; a white rabbit and playing cards, and perhaps ideas of 'transformation'....

This white velvet, is just a so 'rabbity'. I bought several metres ages ago for a bargain price (I still have a metre, I'm thinking it's time for a waistcoat for me too?).

I teamed it with a remnant of brown corduroy, and this stunning print from Cotton and Steel's Cookie Book collection, which looks just like the back of a pack of cards.

The pattern is a free pattern from Little Kiwis Closet, and was a real 'find'. I made it completely reversible, with two sets of the little Cookie Book covered buttons.

Missy loved this, She liked the hood, the cuddliness, and the different looks.
It's pretty, white velvet on one side...

Then turn it over. and it transforms

Into cosy, practical needlecord..

Of course, any White Rabbit's waistcoat has to have a watch pocket. This little pocket is trimmed in The Cookie Book print.

Of course these photos are six months old and are from the summer - but it's been worn a lot since then, right into our autumn and winter too.
It's a waistcoat for running away in, for dreaming and becoming whoever you want to be. And aren't five year olds experts at all of that?

My other Alice in Wonderland sewing was unashamedly whimsical, but this waistcoat has  been simple, and practical. And yet Missy still looks like she's emerged from a dream. Love this theatrical little girl so much...

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