The Eleena Dress - perfection in denim

Monday, 22 February 2016

Giveaway alert! See the end of this post!

When Olga of  Coffee and Thread put out a call for her newest pattern the Eleena Dress, I admit that I paused for a moment, before signing up.

It's such a lovely, nostalgic dress pattern, so my style. But Missy really doesn't need many pretty dresses. She wears school uniform or t-shirts and jeans most of the time. But still...the Eleena was proving hard to resist...

The solution to the 'no more dresses' dilemma lay in  that old favourite - denim.

Because a denim dress isn't actually a dressy-dress, right?

A denim dress is one for posing around with a sword and being a warrior Queen...

A demin dress is one to giggle in, and run away from the camera, or be a serious kind of girl who can tackle anything.

The Eleena has lots of options, and I love seeing how one pattern can create so much variety. I wanted to keep things simple. because my life is complex enough. I  picked the flutter sleeve no collar option, because I knew Missy would get most wear from this 'all weather' kind of dress. 

But regular followers will know I rarely 'keep things simple'. 
I accentuated the Eleena's distinctive box pleat with red piping, and lined the flutter sleeves too, to keep those lovely clean lines
The only other change I made was an afterthought. This is size five on my tall nearly-six-year-old. The chest measurements are fine, but I suddenly panicked and wished I'd cut the denim longer. So I added a panel to the hem just to lengthen it. Denim is so forgiving - it lets you get away with this kind of thing...

I lined and piped the flutter sleeves too, lining them with a remnant of Cotton and Steel's Cookie Book print.

The piping was an easy addition, but it has added a little bulk to the neckline, which means the lining peeks up. 

Missy and I both love this dress, it's simple and playful. And easy to sew.

There's a pattern tour running this week, showcasing the Eleena and all it's varieties. Do take a moment to see the other creations - honestly they are all so different!

And Olga at Coffee and Thread is offering the pattern at a discounted price of $7 (usual price $9) until March 7.  
And there's also a fun little giveaway to win two Coffee and Thread patterns of choice and one yard of Sara Jane fabric.

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