From My Mother to Me

There's a whole lot of nostalgia over here at As it Seams for the next few weeks, with some wonderful bloggers paying a Sunday visit.

Straight Grain, Petit a Petit, While she was sleeping, Sewpony, Nat and the Gang, Compagnie M - will be taking a Sunday blogging journey from Mother's Day in the UK to Mother's Day in the USA and Australia!

Last summer,  I was totally inspired by Suz at Sewpony's series When we were young, where guest bloggers recreate outfits from their childhood. It set me on a whole journey. I looked through old photos with a new eye, and talked to my mother about what she sewed, how and why and  did she run into the same problems as I do now...(like cutting things out late at night...etc...etc)...

That got me thinking about how sewing can be a gift from women down the generations. It can be a skill which binds us to the older, wiser women who cross our paths, whether that's mothers, grandmothers, older sisters, aunts or neighbours.

My idea about sewing generations, has led to a series From My Mother to Me, with seven wonderful bloggers agreeing to share the best of their mothers' wisdom, or the gifts from grandmothers, aunts or other inspiring women.
Over seven Sundays, from Mother's Day in the UK on March 30 to Mother's Day in the USA and Australia on May 11,  we'll be celebrating and sharing the best of motherhood and the gift of sewing here at As-it-seams. 

 Perhaps you have some little gems, sewing techniques or methods that always make you think of your mother. I'd love to hear about them. Email me at victoria_temple[at] or comment over the coming weeks and I'll do a 'round-up' here. And if you sew anything 'mother inspired' even better!

It's making me feel excited and sentimental just thinking about it!

The first post is here, From my Mother to Me.... look out for my Mum's fantastic Vogue coat, sewn when she was just sixteen.

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