"I'm a princess" - Tinny dress and a Giveaway!

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 09:32

"I'm a princess!" declared missy as she swirled in this dress.
This is the well-documented power of the circular-skirt, as also recorded by the ever-inspiring An of Straightgrain, here.

And I was as excited as a 'circular-skirted-three-year-old' when An asked me to test her gorgeous new Tinny dress pattern. Especially as it was a lot of  'firsts' for me. First pattern testing, first blind zipper - and now first giveaway!

I loved Tinny's nostalgic look, but also the simplicity and versatility.

Would you like your skirt circular, pleated or gathered ? Notched or petal sleeves? Four different collars... A browse through Straight Grain's archive will reveal An's many and lovely versions...

That's a pattern with a lot of choice in one classic idea.
With An's sewing deadline to meet, I had to focus my ideas for the Tinny.
What I really wanted to do was create a dress that was perfect for spring, and find this exact fabric - as used by mum in 1970something for me...

But sadly it was not to be. I had to meet An's pattern-testing deadline, and couldn't search for online fabric. I had to rely on my local fabric shop.

No bad thing - sometime less choice, and necessity, are forces for creativity. So this daisy print with a kind of psychadelic swirl would have to do. And it's certainly retro.

This was only the second digital pdf pattern I'd used (the first was Straight Grain's bubble dress pattern as used here. And watch this space for another version to come).

An's instructions and lots of photos made Tinny an easy project, particularly inserting the blind zipper, which I'd never done before.  But, predictably, just as I raced to finish the dress to deadline, my sewing machine  decided to jam up. It limped its way to the end of the Tinny dress - before being taken to Sewing Machine Hospital - but lots of details aren't as neat as I'd like, particularly my zip.

I added yellow piping to the waist, for extra vintageness, and (despite my piping-addiction) resisted adding it to the collar and cuffs. The clean lines of the petal-cuffed sleeves worked better and they seemed so appropriate for my daisy fabric.
This is size five - I always make things big - so the bodice looks a little boxy. But missy is growing fast!

What I love about digital patterns is that they can be used over and over again. This was easy to do - printed out on A4 paper.  So next time I can find the print of my dreams - and make the notch collar!

And dear readers... you too can create vintage loveliness for little girls!
An's Tinny dress pattern, size 1 to 6,  is available to buy here. But she's also kindly letting me give  one away , to be emailed  directly to one lucky winner as a pdf file.
To win the chance to experience the princess effect, simply;
  •  follow my as-it-seams blog on blogger, bloglovin or by email. 
  • Or 'like' and 'share' the as-it-seams facebook page.
  • Then leave a comment below to let me know you're a follower, or if you prefer, email me or put a message on my facebook page to let me know you'd like to be in the draw!
  • thanks!
If you're already a follower, you can enter too, simply comment below, or on facebook, too! 

Winner will be picked at random on Saturday July 13.

STOP PRESS - I'm extending deadline to the end of Wednesday July 17, midnight BST, to allow last minute visitors a chance to enter!

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Natalie here from www.natandgang.blogspot.ca... You left a beautiful and sweet message on my blog and I followed you here. Wow, I am really impressed with all of your beautiful creations. You have so much talent! And I have to say, I am thrilled to find another full-time working mom, sewing and blogging on evenings and weekends.

    I am also new to the blogging world (since February only) but it would be fun if we could bounce ideas/tips/problems off each other... I am learning everyday but if you have any specific questions, just shoot my way!!!

    Oh, I am following you via bloglovin' and I would also like to subscribe via e-mail (that way I won't miss any of your posts) but I don't see an icon or widget in your sidebar for that... am I missing it?

    As for the Tinny dress, isn't An a goddess?? I have been meaning to purchase her pattern but I'll keep my fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner of your giveaway, hehehe!!!

    A new blogging/crafting/sewing friend from Canada,

    1. Hi Natalie
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment - and apologies for delay in response. I've been out and about all weekend.
      It's lovely to have a new blogging/sewing friend! I love the way this all blogging thing makes connections across the globe, with others who are as obsessed with sewing etc as me!
      Only wish I had more time for it all - work, kids, house etc mean I often end up sewing waaaayyy past my bedtime.
      I'm also slowly figuring out the ins-and-outs of blogging. I've added a 'subscribe by email' button - Let me know if it works properly. I've also added you to the 'blogs than inspire me' button. Any other tips/advice greatly appreciated.
      I'll add your name to the (very small) hat for the Tinny giveaway! Fingers crossed...;-)

  2. It's really beautiful. I would love to make one for Misha. ;-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So cute, I'd love to make one for my granddaughter - since I have so much fun sewing for my little ones. I shared this with my niece on facebook - she's got a daughter that would look adorable in this dress...just trying to help you get the exposure you deserve...best wishes!

    1. Thanks for sharing Joy! Your name is in the hat for the draw for the pattern! V

  5. Hi there! Just followed you on Bloglovin! Just found your blog too so looking forward to reading more- I also have a 3yo daughter x

    1. Thanks Susie, lovely to have you here! Am very much enjoying my 3 yo right now. I have a seven-year-old too, so I know how precious this time is! V


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