Take One Dress... Announcing my very First Guest Series!

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 12:43

I'm so (sew) excited about 2014!

I started blogging less than a year ago and I've been stumbling around the online sewing community exploring this network of creativity. 

It's all about sharing ideas and inspiration, and I'm enjoying it more and more...

Which is why, when I had a moment of inspiration, I decided to share it. And by sharing my idea, I've managed to persuade some of the creative bloggers that I love most to join a line-up for a guest series in 2014.  I am so happy!

Do Guincho, Sew Pony, Nat and the Gang, While She Was Sleeping and Compagnie M have all said "yes" to my idea! 

It all started when I bought a dress, not because I wanted to wear it (I probably won't) but because it made me want to sew!  

It was a new step further in to my sewing addiction. I loved its shape, its actual seams. I've posted in detail about it here.

And this dress also was the source for of inspiration for my series Take One Dress, which will run on the first Monday of the month from January to June.

It's going to work like this...

Tomorrow, I'll unveil the dress I've created for Missy, inspired by this vintage dress. Here's a sneaky preview...

Then on January 6, Natalie, at Nat and the Gang, will show a where this dress has taken her by unveiling her creation it's inspired.

AND Natalie will also unveil a garment that she thinks is inspiring for a sewist. 
Then February's Take One Dress blogger, Marta at Do Guincho, will take up the challenge of sewing something inspired by Natalie's garment to be revealed a month later.

Look at this amazing schedule!
  • January 6 - Nat and the gang
  • February 3 - Do Guincho
  • March 3 - While She Was Sleeping
  • April 7 - Sewpony
  • May 5 - Compagnie M
  • June  2 - Mystery guest!
  • July 7 - As it Seams

I'm so excited about starting a chain of creativity - and I hope it inspires others to sew along. I'm going to sew along as much as possible, and will be creating a Take One Dress Flickr group to showcase your creations...

OK,  now come back tomorrow for the first Take One Dress creation....

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  1. What a great idea Victoria! I love following series where the sewists interpret inspiration and create something unique - so interesting and fun to see what everyone comes up with. Good luck!!

  2. Cute idea! I can't wait to see where this inspiration has led everyone!

  3. This sounds so fun! I can't wait to see what happens. :)

  4. What a sneaky preview Victoria ;) C'mon everyone, "More! More! More" Yeah, how awesome is this idea! Thank you for inviting me to participate, I am really looking forward to it :)

  5. I can't wait for this series (the sneak preview is tempting)!
    I love everything you do and your guests are amazing - I suppose we will be seeing lots of great outfits!!

  6. I'm really excited about this series. Congratulations for a great idea, Victoria!

  7. It's a darling dress! i like the colors.
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  8. How did I miss this series? It's such a cute idea and I can't wait to see what everyone is inspired by and what they make :)

  9. Eek...the Dress would be lovely on the right individual (ie. some brief, with creepers) but imo all those designs are dressed in it completely incorrect. It doesn't fit them at all.

  10. The dress is really gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I was kind of nervous to order my dress through internet, but I am glad I did it. This dress is so perfectly beautiful!
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