Take One Dress....the journey so far....

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 13:34

Didn't January seem like the longest month?
Especially as I was so excited about February, and the Next Take One Dress Creation,  which will be unveiled by Marta from Do Guincho on Monday. 

Take One Dress is the monthly series on As-it-Seams, offering a chain of inspiration to bloggers. (See here for details). I'm so excited to see what Marta comes up with. She's always interesting and inspiring.

And, there's new addition to the line-up! Heidi from the much-loved Elegance and Elephants will be filling the June slot. Welcome Heidi, and thank you so much for taking part!
The full Take One Dress line-up now looks like this -

  • January 6 - Nat and the Gang
  • February 3 - Do Guincho
  • March 3 - While She Was Sleeping
  • April 7 - Sew Pony
  • May 5 - Groovy Baby and Mama
  • June 2 - Elegance and Elephants
  • July 7 - As it Seams

Time for a quick recap... Here's how the chain of inspiration  so far:

November - Vintage dress bought in New York

which inspires

December - As It Seams Christmas Dress 

and  also inspires

January - Natalie presents her Take One Dress as inspiration for Marta at Do  Guincho...

Now Marta.... where will this take you? I am so intrigued to see the Do Guincho stamp on this!

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  1. Fun! Look forward to seeing what Marta makes!!

  2. Can't wait to see what Marta makes! Welcome Heidi :)

  3. So excited to see what Marta makes... I am a HUGE fan of her sewing so I look forward to seeing what inspired her with my little dress!


  4. My blog post is almost finished! I hope I can surprise you!

  5. The dress is perfect for my sisters! I was worried about sizing because they are adults. I used the sizing chart provided by the vendor and they fit everyone very well.
    Coach Clearance


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