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By Victoria As-it-Seams - 14:16

When I started this blog  a year ago it was a step into the unknown. I sent Suz at Sewpony an email asking advice and she generously sent a really detailed response. I was touched. 
Since then I've been a Sewpony fan, for her sewing, but also her imagination. 
The Secret Squirrel series run by Sewpony and Straightgrain (who was here yesterday - how cool is that!)  is inspirational. So I'm thrilled that Suz agreed to take the baton for the next step in the Take One Dress challenge: 

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Hello everyone:) I'm Suz and I blog from sewpony all the way from Australia.  I have known Victoria for about a year now and we share a love of making dresses for our daughters!  So when she explained her concept of take one dress, I was really excited to take part.  I was given the dress below as my inspiration from Jenya (my Aussie neighbour), from While she was sleeping

Some of the things I thought after seeing this dress:
- like it
- don't want to make a big fancy collar as I hate ironing them, so I will make a softer, easier to iron collar!
- blue and white - love
- nautical
- I need a dress with a fitted bodice, some sort of different collar and a fullish skirt... the Antoinette dress - yay I get to finally use that pattern!

I must say, I really love this dress! The pattern is the Antoinette dress by Nele of the Dutch blog, Spiegelstiksels - of which I am a new follower and fan!  The pattern was passed on to me (with permission) by my friend Rachel from Nest full of eggs over Christmas and I have been waiting for an excuse to make it. Nele drafted the pattern for a charity project and it is no longer available for sale. The pattern is very professional, however, it is written in Dutch.  Rachel also kindly passed on the google translate email to me but I was too lazy to print it and just figured out the construction without it.  

The fabric is a super soft cotton shirting I found for $4 per metre (score).  The bodice is lined and the collar/bow (all in one) is just some blue quilting collar I chose to match the stripes. I think it is such a smart design. I love the slightly scooped neckline, the bow collar and the unusual pockets.

The back meets in a soft v with an invisible zip.

I was very pleased with myself with inserting this zip as I figured out how to conceal the lining in the zip without handstitching... something I knew must be possible but I had just not invested the time to work it out. It was easier than I thought and looks super neat inside!

So this is one of my current favourites already of Juliette's dresses!!

Now for my inspiration dress! I have the pleasure of choosing a dress to inspire the lovely Trine here is my post....please remind me the time you will post. hope you like it! thanks for having me:)) from Groovybaby...and mama!  It was so hard to narrow it down to just one dress.  I poured over my Little girl style board on pinterest and settled on this one that I love...

I hope you like it Trine! And thank you very much for having me Victoria!!

Thank you Suz! I love that dress so much! It's kept the nautical vibe, and strong collar idea but is so wearable for a little girl to wear. Stunning. And now Trine...over to you. Can't wait to see what Groovy Baby and Mama comes up with on May 5.

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  1. Fabulous, Suz! Absolutely fabulous! Love the collar, love the pockets. Well done on sewing the zipper without hand stitching - I did the same exercise last year! I also have this pattern and want to use it so badly, but from memory it starts with size 4, and LM is still in size 2. That's OK, I can wait for a little longer :)

  2. Thanks Jenya! Glad you like it. Thanks for having me Victoria:)

  3. wow! looking good! I love the vintage feel of your dress!

  4. Omg Suz!!!!! That dress is so beautiful!!! I love it! And thanks for the inspiration - I already know what fabric to use :-)

  5. Love it, Suz! I need to make the pattern!

  6. Wow wow wow Suz!!! You nailed it!!! That dress is fantastic!!! And I am thrilled by the inspiration dress that you are passing along to Trine....

    Victoria, this is such a cool series! :-)


  7. Super cute, such a fun dress, it turned out wonderful! I cannot wait to sew up an Antoinette, hopefully this next week...
    What a fun series this is.

  8. This is such a sweet dress. I love those pockets!

  9. Thanks guys and thanks for having me Victoria!

  10. I have been trying to find the Antoinette dress pattern, with no luck so far. Would you be so kind as to help me? I love the pockets.

  11. Great dress, love your creations Suz. Great series idea Victoria.


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