Sunday Picnic Dress, and some Harry Potter adventures...

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 02:08

Oh I really treated myself (and Missy), when I sewed the new Sunday Picnic Dress pattern by Sewpony vintage.
This gorgeous fabric might look simple, but it is UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE...
And look! Is that some Liberty lurking there too?

Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress
Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

My vision for the Sunday Picnic Dress was to sew something practical and wearable. Missy  needs dresses that stand up to this little girl's adventures
My original thought had been denim, but it looked too harsh. And when I discovered that local shop, Herringbone, sold Merchant and Mills linen AND Liberty bias binding - I was hooked. I sincerely hope Mr As it Seams doesn't read this post - because that Liberty bias was a SERIOUS treat...
Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

This linen is just heavenly. The colour has both depth, texture and softness. Honestly, just staring at that blue makes me happy. The colour is both soft and deep. I know this is going to look better and better with every washing.

Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

Suz' pattern is so professional. Straightforward instructions, lots of notches for pattern matching - and a good fit. This is size 5 on my four-year-old. It's also the first time I've installed an invisible zip and lining so neatly. Thanks Suz!
My fabric choice also led to  a few 'flips' to the pattern. I wrestled with a V-neck for a girl's winter dress, knowing I would always be putting a vest underneath, which would spoil that neckline. The solution was to add a triangle panel behind the neckline. If I had been clever I would have slipped this between the dress and lining, but that flumoxed me. Instead it's simply stitched in place, the stitching hidden by that pretty collar.
Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

And  I modified the Sunday Picnic dress' square collar. I wasn't confident that I could get the Liberty bias neatly round a sharp corner. Plus I fancied a softer look with the linen. The collar pieces have been cut slightly narrower and rounded off. Adding the bias trim was a different technique to piping, and I've got a tutorial coming up. Watch this space! I added the Liberty bias to the pockets too.
And because  the blue linen was so minimal,  I cut the skirt pieces fuller than the A-line in the pattern, and added gathering at the front and back.
Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

This dress had it's first proper outing in the perfect Sunday location - Gloucester Cathedral. It's 1,000 years old and just magical. It's such a wonderful place to explore. These cloisters might look familiar! All the Harry Potter movies have been filmed here, with these cloisters becoming Hogwart's corridors....

Merchant and Mills linen, Liberty bias Sunday Picnic dress

And there are so many things to explore! This statue!, This tomb! Look at that ceiling!

Right now there's an incredible sculpture exhibition at the Cathedral, with works by some of our greatest British artists; Damien Hirst, Anthony Gormley, Henry Moore. Missy loved it almost as much as me.
Except I'm not sure you're allowed to do this...

Or this...

But, like I said, this is a dress for adventurers and adventures...!

This is the first day of the Sunday Picnic Dress blog tour, and Rachel at Stitched Together and Erin at Our Family Four have sewn some gorgeous, and very different Sunday Picnic Dresses....Click on the pictures to take a look!

Our Family Four, Sunday picnic dressStitched Together Sunday Picnic Dress

There's a 15% discount on the Sewpony Vintage Picnic dress pattern with the code SUNDAYTOUR15 until November 7  available here and on etsy. 

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  1. It's lovely Victoria and I am pretty sure Missy will get a lot of wear out of this dress. It looks so comfy too. I love the changes you made and the little peek of red bias on the underside of the hem. Harry Potter - how cool. Thanks so much for joining in my tour!!!!

  2. Victoria, Missy's new dress is fabulous. Love the collar and the fuller skirt. Liberty... mmmm... I hope Missy will enjoy a lot of great adventures in her new dress :)

  3. What a great idea with the triangle insert! I was also unsure about the suitability for fall. As my daughter has already some fall/winter dresses, I therefore went way ahead and made a dress for spring. But I love how you adapted it for now!

  4. Gorgeous flip to a gorgeous pattern Victoria!
    Loved the fabric and the bias. sewing with good quality stuff is so nice, isn't it?

  5. I love your fabric choices. I think was very clever the way you modified the collar and the insert is just perfect for cooler weather. Great job!

  6. Such a beautiful child and what a sweet dress! <3

  7. What a lovely dress! I was very excited about the pictures too! I got to go to that Cathedral when I was 18. I hope to come to England again with my kids!

  8. The dress is gorgeous, Victoria! Love the modified collar.

  9. Oh, this is so lovely. I love the modifications you made, too.


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