Madeit Fashion Week - How an umbrella saved the catwalk

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 06:00

It's fashion show time!

Welcome to Madeit Fashion Week, showcasing the new Fold2 collection of patterns designed by the Madeit duo, Olu and Anna.

And prizes and discount! Scroll to the bottom if you're after the goodies!

Now... ta, da!

Welcome Missy to the Madeit catwalk, wearing the Pocket Fold skirt.

The pocketfold skirt is such a clever design, with unique origami inspired pockets.
But to begin with I wasn't sure about this skirt, it's a bit of a departure from my usual style, I guess because it's so chic, rather than 'pretty'.
But after sewing it and persuading my awkward Missy to wear it (after declaring boldly "I don't like yellow"), I have fallen in love with this skirt.
Teamed with her red boots she looks so stylish, a bit of a 1960s London vibe I think.

It's sewn in cotton twill that hovers between lime green and mustard yellow in colour. This was cheap fabric from my local store.
But those inserts on the other hand - oh my word - I cut into one of the most precious fabrics in my stash for those little panels.

The striped pockets are made from the divine Anna Maria Horner fabric, Volumes  in Matisse. I have two metres of this I'm saving for something special. But when I placed those stripes next to the lime green they seemed to be a match made in heaven. 

Cutting the contrast pieces out of my precious fabric was like playing an extreme version of 'Tetris'. (Am I revealing my age? Do you know what I'm talking about?)

I wanted the stripes and colours in exactly the right place in this skirt. But, because of the origami style pockets,  I deserve a mathematics prize for getting this bang on. And when I decided to add flat piping to the V-seam at the front and back, keeping it symmetrical and the coloured stripes continuously flowing through the pockets, well, I think my Nobel Prize is now in the bag...

Mary Poppins?

Apart from messing around with stripes and flat piping - this skirt is quite straightforward to make. And the finish is beautiful - these photos, fresh from the kitchen table, show just how lovely all the seams are, inside and out.

Olu and Anna, of Madeit, know their stuff, and the instructions 'hold your hand'. And it is quite exciting! One minute you're holding a couple of pocket pieces, staring at the instructions, and then a moment later there's a little epiphany, a moment of 'Ah Now I See Where this is going...'
It's all a little journey of discovery. Having been lucky enough to meet Olu at the Paris Sew Social in April, I know how funny she is, and her sense of humour shines through in this fun pattern.

The skirt was a little big on her waist, so I've overlapped the snaps at the front more than intended , which spoils the line of the V slightly. But I'm hoping I can move the snaps in a few months as she grows. Instead of 'hammer' snap fastening, I used sturdy snap - fasteners, which are easy to move. The pink buttons are purely decorative. 

My snaps and buttons aren't perfectly placed - I'm going to move them - but sadly I just HAD to take these photos in the moment that presented itself...for the following reasons....

As I was sewing this, my moody Missy declared "I don't like yellow". "I don't like that skirt" and I knew that this stubborn little girl doesn't change her mind easily.

And then after a very busy weekend, I suddenly found myself with only one possible  'ten minute' photo opportunity slot., which just happened to be in the evening after I  finished work on Monday. 

I started walking home  from the office in the rain, pondering the puzzle.
"How do I persuade Missy to pose in the yellow skirt she says she doesn't like?
 "Oh and it's raining ...."
With minutes to spare I  had my own 'epiphany' - an umbrella!
They were literally about to lock the door on the shop as I walked past... and dashed in to buy this umbrella...

And of course! Missy loved the umbrella! I took photos (in ten minutes in fading light) and she happily danced in her yellow skirt, declaring she loved the 'secret' snap fasteners, the pink buttons and the pockets....

Ah my Nobel Prize is truly deserved.... An umbrella and sewing maths....I am officially a genius.

Giveaway Time!

There's 20% discount on the FOLD collection during Fashion Week, with this code:

And everyday Madeit are giving away a pattern. Check Madeit's Facebook or Instagram page and be the first to answer the question of the day. The answer can be found on one of today's blog posts for Madeit Fashion Week. How fun!

And for the chance to win a  €50 NOSH voucher... leave a comment on Needle and Ted on day 7 of Fashion Week, Sunday 6 September, about your highlight of the Fashion Week. It's going to be a tough choice. There are some seriously gorgeous creations. Here's the line-up:

Monday 31 August

Tuesday 1 September

Wednesday 2 September

Thursday 3 September

Friday 4 September

Saturday 5 September

Sunday 6 September

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  1. Definitely the Nobel prize worthy effort. :) Love the skirt, very pretty!

  2. Wow!! You win!!! I love that skirt and I'm so glad she is coming around to it. That feeling when you present them something newly sewn and get dreaded "thanks but no thanks" is no fun!!!

  3. All the extra work that went into your Pocket Fold skirt paid off and it looks stunning. The colours are beautiful And yes you should definitely get the Nobel prize.

    Such fun blog post to read, you had me giggling all the way through.

    Thank you so much for being part of Fashion Week.

  4. Such a pretty and cool skirt. Sewing genius indeed!

  5. Really love your version of the skirt. I also bought the pattern but didn't have the time to make it yet. I started with the playsuit (which you can see at my blog now). I am so much in love with the collection

  6. You are officially a genius :) Love this skirt!!


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