My Mother to Me #2: Do Guincho, Made by Sara, and Gaafmachine (and that $50 Miss Matatabi giveaway)

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 15:47

The celebration of Motherhood continues, with gorgeous contributions from some great European bloggers.

First up is Marta who blogs at Do Guincho. Marta has been a blogging friend since the early days of As it Seams. And  having met in Paris last year, (and London last week!) She's a real life friend too. Marta is an architect and her sewing creations have a clear sense of design and style. I'm very much looking forward to finding out where her 'designer's eye' comes from? Her mother perhaps ;-). Find out here....

 Secondly today we also have another Portuguese blogger, Sara at Made By Sara. Sara has three children (soon to be four) and yet still is a busy blogger sewing at a phenomenal rate. She's full of creative ideas, hosting a wonderful Alice in Wonderland series and Japanese Sewing series last year. I'm guessing there must be some serious creative genes somewhere in her family.
 Her tribute to her mother is over here. And isn't this photo wonderful? This is her mother in her grandfather's sewing machine shop!  I can't wait to read the full story. It's over here

Thirdly is a newer blogging friend Nelleke from The Netherlands. She's only just launched her blog GaafMachine but I'm delighted to have her here. I love discovering new blogs and friends, and I sense a kindred spirit here. She's a sewing addict, but also trying to juggle camping trips in the spring sunshine, as well as write blog posts (this is my life too!) Discover more about Nelleke, and her mother,  here!

 And the Miss Matatabi giveaway is still open! You can enter from any of the posts in this series. Comment on any, or all of them, as part of the giveaway which runs until Tuesday. There were some wonderful comments yesterday:
"I'm glad my mother passed down to me the importance of trying to fix things and relying on my own hands. I can sew, cook, garden, and take care of myself because she taught me that. In a word of consumerism , it has helped me tremendously." Kaitlin Statz
"my mother taught me all about hoarding :) but also sharing, lol, but I do love to hoard fabrics :) Keeping a pretty unicorn print from Miss Matatabi to hand down to my daughter as a dress." Mara
"My mum is my best friend. I have just found out I am pregnant with my first baby and hope that I have as close a relationship which my child x" Claire Sutherland

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  1. So excited to join you!!! :)

  2. It's nice to think a minute about my mum! I definitely got the creative part of her. She has always time for everybody, even if she hasn't time. She very tender and loving, especially for her kids and I hope that my kids will say the same about me when they have grown up...

  3. Great post and so nice to read about the moms and I can reflect on mine! thanks!

  4. I got it all from Momma. As I age I realize that I am more of a clone than an offspring of her. I am aging exactly as she did in looks and in everything. There are few days that go by that I don't remember something that Momma said or taught me. During those middle years when I thought we were worlds apart, I was just a fool. I just cut up a chicken the way that she taught me. With a wishbone. Thanks for everything Mom. I miss you.

  5. My mom taught me to make things, myself.

  6. What a wonderful series! I'd love to read more. My mom made almost everything she, my sister, and I wore, and she sewed with such love and care. I can't think of gift-giving without thinking something hand-made because of her. I wish she were still here to share our love of sewing!
    3dears (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Thank you for this blog post! Really loved reading it!


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