Cloth of Kings, Part 1 - a favourite dress

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 13:45

I've recently emerged from a 'corduroy obsession, sewing nothing but the Cord Du Roi , or cloth of kings.

It might not be particularly fashionable but it's a great fabric for children's clothes, soft but durable with a rich texture. Over this winter I've made a few things which have proved to be real day-to-day clothes in missy's wardrobe.

This dress has been the favourite.

This is actually Cloth of Kings Dress, Mark 2. I made another one last winter, now outgrown - but that meant I could make some improvements second time round.

It began life as this very simple, but fairly ugly Simplicity pattern.
But this pattern has proved to be a useful basic, and gave me all I needed to create my own version.

I cut the pattern piece across the middle to create a waist and then made a fuller skirt to gather in. And instead of simply facing the bodice, as in the pattern, I lined it fully.

My  corduroy phase, has been accompanied by a ric-rac phase. I love the graphic lines it creates, adornment, but not too girly. And I love the effect of inserting it in the seams. The little tabs of pink around the shoulders look so pretty, but not too girly.

I've inserted ric-rac into seams a few times now, and have got better at it. I may even get round to posting a tutorial on here one day! It's quite easy.

The bird shapes and the heart on the front are a scrap of Liberty fabric and the same striped cotton as the lining. They are interfaced and hand-embroidered on with a chain-stitch. The button holes are also hand stitched - two buttons  on each shoulder for extra growth!

She has worn this loads! It's tough enough for playground trips, or worn with a blouse for special occasions. It's been a great winter dress, but also missy has worn it into our miserable, damp spring.

It's starting to look a little short  - time for Cloth of Kings Dress, Mark 3?


I've discovered it's not as easy as it looks to get missy to model creations.
This is what she actually wanted to wear when I asked her to pose!

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  1. What an adorable dress!!! I just love corduroy... looks great and is so hard wearing. Love all the modifications you've made to the original pattern.

    1. Hi Victoria, I've featured your dress today...

  2. Love the dress :)Love the modifications and the details :)oh and I also think your missy's choice of an outfit for a photo-shoot was adorable ;)Visiting through Threading my way :)

  3. Ah thanks for visiting jenya! Three-year-old girls are not very cooperative models! I need my wits about me to get her to - eventually - do what I want!


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