What my mother taught me - part 1

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 04:22

My mum has just  spent the weekend with me -  a rare visit from her home 400 miles away.
And it was lovely showing her all my latest sewing projects.
I had forgotten just what a great seamstress she is. She made all the clothes for me and my sister. She didn't so much teach me, as let me absorb and observe. She made duffle coats, dresses, dolls clothes and more.
She has two golden rules:

1.  An iron is the most important tool for dressmaking

2.  Don't sew when you're tired (especially, don't cut anything out)

As I unpick another seam (a result of breaking rule number 2) I always think of my mum.

So when I showed her missy's growing home-made wardrobe - I was suddenly aware of her skilful and critical eye. My sewing style can be a bit 'have a go' , especially as I usually sew late at night in short bursts after children's bedtime. My mum, on the other hand is a perfectionist, matching patterns beautifully across seams etc.

She loved all the piped collars and cuffs I've been obsessed with recently (more of which to come on here).
"Of course you use a zipper foot to make piping," she said.
"Oh.? Do you? ummm" said I.
"It means you can get the cord nice  and tight in the piping," she explained.
Oh dam!
So now I am now looking at all the piping I've done thinking, Mum, what a shame you live 400 miles away - I could do with your tips.
And why, oh why, didn't I use a zipper foot....?
So here's a piece of new nice neat piping. With a zipper foot. Look out for the finished result soon...
And my sister and I in our lovely home-made dresses by my mum, aged three, the same as missy is now....

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  1. I learnt to sew the same way- just absorbed it!!


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