Molly Makes magazine! And being transformed into a beautiful French woman

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 13:40

In my other life, I am a journalist and, while I love this whole blogging thing, I really, really love paper. 

You know, real paper and particularly newspapers and magazines.

Ever since I was little I have read newspapers. We would have The Scotsman delivered to our home in Edinburgh , and I loved it dropping through our letterbox.

I always wanted to know what was going on, and read stories, and look at beautiful pictures.

And now I work as a news reporter, and I still love newspapers, the proper printed paper version. I love seeing my stories transformed by designers, and photographers into pages of print.

And now my blogging/journalism/sewing worlds have collided thanks to beautiful magazine Molly Makes, and our Paris Sew Social.

The July issue of Molly Makes full of creative ideas is now on shelves, and online.

And I'm in it...or at least the slimmer, blonder, French version of me is...

I was thrilled that Molly Makes wanted to share a little bit of our wonderful Parisian get together with bloggers from across Europe.  So thrilled that when I wrote a few words and inundated them with photos, somehow the pictures got a little garbled, and look! There's lovely Sophie of C'est La Vie, pretending to me....

These things happen in busy, bustling newspaper and magazine offices, and I think it's rather funny, flattering even.... I  mean who wouldn't want to pretend to be Sophie...

Do  look out for me/Sophie in  Molly Makes magazines on shelves throughout the UK and flick through the rest of this lovely magazine!

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