Coffee and Thread Tour 2017: When everything works out perfectly

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 15:36

Sometimes everything comes together.
Not often. But sometimes.
Usually when I have a vision,  it fails to become reality.... But this little project delivered the vision.

A girl in a floral dress, in the spring sunshine - on a Sunday afternoon.

But let's go back to the beginning. This is the Ania tunic, sewn dress length, for the Coffee and Thread pattern tour 2017. I don't blog very often - and when I do I need a good reason. I like being part of something special, like the Coffee and Thread Tour. Olga, who designs Coffee and Thread patterns, is the most beautiful sewist, and photographer, and I love to join in anything she's involved with.

It's the 'thinking' that takes me the longest with any sewing project. Trying to choose fabric, takes me days....
A couple of weeks ago I visited my parents in Scotland. And my mother, very sheepishly, showed me her fabric stash, hidden in a drawer.
I know all families have secrets! But my mother's are particularly awesome. She has a drawer full of unsewn Liberty, and a few other vintage lawns. (That didn't stop us potentially shopping for more together! Here she is eyeing up some more Liberty, at discount pricesat Edinburgh's Remnant Kings).

But we resisted buying more! We vowed: "Unsewn fabric Must Be Sewn First!"
So, in the interest of thrift, I persuaded her to let me 'borrow' this blue floral lawn. 
It's not Liberty, but has the silky feel of high quality lawn.
I remember my mum buying metres of this, an end of roll bargain, from the same shop, nearly 30 years ago. I sewed a blouse from this when I was about 16. So I have a kind of nostalgic fondness for it - and I knew it would make a lovely Ania.
And didn't it?!

It's an easy pattern, with simple nostalgic lines. My only modifications were to add piping to the yoke, and I hemmed the sleeves and the skirt with pink bias binding. You can just see it peeking out of the hem

Missy wore it for a Sunday afternoon stroll. This is the common, miles of open grass land, just five minutes walk from our house. I felt so blessed that afternoon. Missy was happy, loved her dress, picked flowers, played with my friend's beautiful baby - the simple things!

The Ania tunic is just one of Coffee and Thread's lovely patterns, and Olga is offering a 20% discount this week with the code Coffeeandthreadtour
There's also a big Blog Showcase of all her patterns - click around the links below!

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And there's a giveaway! Olga has got tons of fantastic prizes! Too much to list, but let's just say it involves fabric, more fabric, and patterns. Full details are here

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  1. It is a beautiful dress Victoria. Piping... Mmmmm <3 I love the fact you made something for yourself from this very fabric! it makes Missy's dress even more special. I agree, this pattern is perfect for usual everyday happiness :)

  2. Ooh pretty! How special to be able to use the fabric again! You are right that you must use up that beautiful fabric! Maybe you can get your Mum on the PDF pattern sewing bandwagon with you!!

  3. Ahhhh, what a gorgeous dress and it gets even better when I know the back story. Thank you for telling that.

  4. I love the dress and the scenery, but the story behind it really turns the dress into one to cherish for a long time!

  5. Oh Victoria, this is so gorgeous! It's like she stepped out of the magazine! Just stunning! I love how the fabric flows! And what a great story! Thank you so much for you kind words, I really appreciate it! xoxoxo

  6. So lovely, your daughter, the fabric and the story ♡

  7. Oh this is all so beautiful- the girl, the fabric, the dress, the pictures!

  8. I love your Ania dress so much -- but I think I love the story behind the fabric even more. How wonderful that it has found life again in your hands. Beautiful dress and photographs!

  9. This is so incredibly pretty! It must be feeling so precious sewing a fabric with nostalgia attached.


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