Sunshine and Sheep - Back blogging with Bohemian Baby Doll Dress

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 14:57

Look! I'm back on the blog.
Just because I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean I haven't been sewing.
I've sewn quite a lot  -  catch glimpses over on my Instagram.

And I  have so much to catch up on - not just sewing, but life stuff.
September always feels a little like a 'new year' and this year especially so.
My boy has started secondary school, my Missy is growing up fast too.

Hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago we were running around in the Adriatic.
This is Croatia. Zadar to be precise and in the week that the heat wave which became known as Lucifer sat like a blanket over southern Europe. The heat pushed over 40 degrees, (104F I think), never dipping below 30 degrees (86F) even at night.

For us northerners it was both a delight and a shock.
I loved slowing down, spending most of our days around and in water. Mr As it Seams and my Boy slept every night outside under the stars on our terrace.

Missy found a new rhythm, sleeping somewhere on the floor on our lovely apartment with just sheet.

She spent every minute she could in the water - as did I.
It was heavenly.
And this dress was just about perfect for the climate.

Like so many dresses - this has been in my head for so long

It's the Bohemian Babydoll pattern by Elegance and Elephants. No closures, just pull this over your head.
A lovely dipped hem and yoke panel, and faced hems.
The fabric is airy double gauze bought years ago from Miss Matatabi. It's Cotorienne's whimisical design 'Sheeeep' which makes me smile. Those sheep! That collie sheepdog! It's so English for a Japanese fabric - so non-sensical. So summery and fun.

It glinted in the golden sun, easy to wear, a perfect dress for impossible summer evenings.
She wore on the promenade at Zadar, where the waves blow through the sea piano, producing unearthly harmonies and the light is perfect. 
I so loved strolling there, sharing this place with my Missy. 

She is the best travelling companion - fun, and curious. And this year I have had the joy of exploring with her. If I get it together, I'll be catching up on blogging/sewing/travelling. Watch this space for more Croatia, a bit of Portugal, some Amsterdam and a little England thrown in.

Right - now to get my act together...Next blog post will be on this red dress..sneak peak !(picture taken by random passing tourist.... sigh, it will have to do)

PS - Travel details!
We stayed here. It was just perfect. A minute from the beach. Spacious. Cheap. My top tip...

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  1. The dress is so pretty! Perfect for summer! Glad you had a fun vacation! 💙💙💙

  2. Beautiful dress and photos! Your summer holiday sounds so relaxing.

  3. So pretty and it sounds like you had a lovely holiday!

  4. Such lovely photos! I love the last photo of you both - you are both looking a bit overheated (pink cheeks!) but also relaxed and lovely in your handmades. <3

  5. oh reading this post made me realise how much I need a break! A little holiday... Maybe minus a heat wave - we get plenty of those! The dress is certainly perfect. At first I thought they were fish, not sheep :) The colour suits Missy so well. Can't wait to read about your dress!

  6. I lovely dress, perfect for a holiday break.

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