From My Mother to Me 6: Sewpony

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 04:43

It's Mothers Day! Or at least it is for about half the globe. I hope those of you in USA, Australia and elsewhere are having (or have  had) a lovely, lovely Mothers Day surrounded by those you love.
And I'm so thrilled to welcome Suz from Sewpony here for the Mothers Day slot on my Series, From My Mother to Me, over to you Suz...

Hi there! It's Suz I am guest posting here at Victoria's blog for her "From my mother to me", a series celebrating what the older women in our lives have taught us about sewing, and life in general!.  Today is Mothers' day here in Australia, so I am really excited to share a bit about my wonderful Mum and how she inspires me every day.

I don't remember a specific age at which I learnt to sew.  I know my Mum taught me and by the time I reached secondary school, the pieced cushion cover we were making as our first project was a breeze for me.  Thanks Mum!  My Mum learnt to sew mostly from the nuns that taught her up in the catholic school she went to in northern Queensland.  They were meticulous teachers and very thorough.  Everything had to be perfect and my Mum loved it.  She learned sewing through her secondary schooling, including basic pattern drafting.  When my Mum and Dad were married over forty years ago, she was given an elna sewing machine.  She still has it today and it is the machine her four daughters learnt to sew on!!

Here is my beautiful Mum on her wedding day with my three Aunties - all four dresses were made by Mum at the age of 23.  So cool!  

With Grandma and Grandpa

Mum and Dad xx

My Mum made most of our clothes as children.   She is what inspired me to create my When we were young series.  I am very fond of this photo taken about thirty years ago with me an my siblings and my Mum and hers and my Aunty and Uncles' wedding.  I still remember all the dresses my sisters and I wore. I loved them all - floral with frills, puffs and ties (nothing over done though!). I am the the little girl with short hair front row on the left.  Mum is far right.

My Mum made all of our 'deb' dresses (year 11 debutante ball).  I am not sharing my dress here because I no longer like it at all (not because of my Mum's sewing, but because of my 16 year old taste!).  She also made three of her four daughters' wedding and bridesmaids dresses!!  Here is my sister Jules on her wedding day with me in pink..

and my dress on our wedding day...

Characteristics and tips from my Mum as a sewer:
- she is particular, no sloppy or unironed seams
- she is not afraid of the quick unpick and rarely curses while sewing (except for making curtains)'s all part of the process
- maintain your sewing machine - get it serviced when it starts to sound off or not sew as well as it should
- oil and clean out your machine regularly
- thread your overlocker in the correct order or you will run into trouble!
- keep your scissors sharp
- run a couple of small straight stitches at the completion of your buttonholes to secure them
- if your stitches are not looking right or your machine making a funny noise, start by re threading your cotton and bobbin.

General life tips my Mum has taught me that I try to remember every day:
- the future has a way of sorting itself out, so try not to worry about it
- be grateful for what you have today
- make the most of your life and be thankful for your family and friends
- laugh

Thank you so much Mum for teaching me to sew...I am grateful for the talent I learnt from you.  I experience a lot of joy and satisfaction in my sewing.  And more than that, thank you for all that you do.  Happy Mother's Day!

Suz, This is such a lovely post! I love the wedding photos.Your mum and her bridesmaids are all so beautiful. And I'm so thrilled that this series has uncovered a little about every blogger's creative heritage. Sewing is a medium for passing on and sharing so much.

 PS - look out for a late addition from Nat and the Gang next Sunday!

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  1. oh I really enjoy this series! it is always movign to read about this women passing on their love for sewing.

  2. It's clear to see where you get your amazing talent from Suz! Such a fun series Victoria, I hope you'll consider running it again next year?

  3. Thanks for having me victoria:) mum loved the post:))

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  5. What a wonderful post Suz!! Your mother's creations are just beautiful. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mum!

  6. What a wonderful post Suz! So many wonderful creations from your mum - it must have been so special to be wearing a dress made by your mum on your wedding day!

  7. Gorgeous pics Suz!! Your mum is very talented :)

  8. what a great post ~ I so enjoyed it !


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