Take One Dress 5; Sewpony to Groovy Baby and Mama

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 14:28

It's May...the most lovely month and the Take One Dress trail of inspiration continues with Trine from Groovy Baby and Mama taking on the challenge passed to her from Suz of Sewpony.
For those yet to discover Groovy Baby and Mama, it's where Trine showcases her distinctive sense of colour and often understated, vintage-yet-modern, sense of style. I'm thrilled to welcome her here!

Hi, it's Trine from Groovy Baby and Mama. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this unique series - a really great idea, Victoria.

My adorable inspiration dress was provided by my sweet friend Suz from sewpony. I had just bought 1 meter of this beautiful floral jersey and when Suz showed me this photo I immediately knew what to make with it - a floral Little Betty Dress. I simply can't get enough of Little Betty. This is my third dress using Suz' pattern. This time I've done it a little differently. Instead of sewing the frills on top of the dress I've inclosed them in a seam. I've also eliminated back opening and therefore made the neckline a little wider. When making the neckline wider you have to move the frills a little closer to the shoulder seams, so I drafted a new line for the frills, cut along this line (remember to add seam allowance here) so the frills could be enclosed in the seam.

I left the dress unhemmed - not that I wanted to but I think it'll be to short if I hem it. She grows like a weed that girl...

Now it's my turn to choose a inspiration dress for the talented Heidi of Elegance & Elephants. I'm madly in love with this dress found on Pinterest. I haven't been able to find out a whole lot about it - but here it is:


 Hope you like it, Heidi?
Oh Trine! That's so lovely! It's so very Groovy Baby and Mama, you seem to have a gift for seeing how fabrics that I might walk past will look fantastic when sewn up. Love the simplicity of this dress. I think it's high time I started sewing knits!

Now it's over to Heidi at Elegance and Elephants who'll be here on Monday June 2. I'm enjoying this series so much! Can't wait to see where Heidi goes with the latest 'inspiration'

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  1. Lovely dress! And great choice on the inspiration dress for Heidi. Can't wait to see what she'll be making!

  2. Trine, I love both this new version of Little Betty adn the dress you chose as a point of inspiration for Heidi :)

  3. Love your dress, Trine! Looks so comfortable and classy. And I can't top thinking of ideas for the beautiful dress you chose for me. :)

  4. Beautiful dress!!! I love it Trine. Such great fabric... and thanks for using my pattern again and for your sweet words!!

  5. What a beautiful dress, Trine! Love the fabric!

  6. I agree with Victoria! You have a knack at choosing fabric that I would never have looked at twice... and then making the most amazing garments out of them! Trust me when I say that I don't overlook Trine-type of fabric anymore, hehehe! You're showing me the masterpiece that potentially lies within!



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