Improvisational (and experimental!) Pleating, 2

By Victoria As-it-Seams - 06:59

Sometimes when I have an idea, I can't sleep for thinking about it...And I know that no matter how busy I am, I won't sleep properly until I've actually sewn it, however crazy it is.
This is one such dress.

I was inspired by StraightGrain's Improvisational Pleating contest. It got me thinking, just how far can this pleating thing go?
I've already had one go at 'Improvisational Pleating' see here. But this was way more 'improvisational'....

What happens if you do lots and lots of faux seams? They would almost be like reverse smocking, taking in some of the fullness of a dress. And what happens if you leave faux seams partially unstitched? Would it create some interesting fullness? Well yes, kind of...

So I took Straight Grain's bubble dress pattern, but combined the front bodice and skirt into one piece. I stitched faux seams, lots and lots of random tucks, on a very rough grid pattern, leaving square sections unstitched to create pockets of fullness. My idea was this would take up some of the fullness of the bodice, before it flounces out into lovely bubble skirt.

It kind of worked. Certainly it created interesting texture and  pattern. I'm treating this as a 'prototype'. I may do a little reworking on this to get the neckline to sit better, and take in even more fullness. 
This is sewn in the loveliest soft blue chambray, with a touch of red piping and some trim on the back. just to add a little interest. Experimental, improvisational, and not a tape measure in sight! Please vote for me over at Straight Grain ! I need more voile to perfect my experimentation!! I've not been very tactical - because I've got two entries to split my vote. But your support for either is wonderful!

PS - just in case you missed it - here's Improvisational pleats number 1

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  1. Wow this is fun. Is it how you imagined it would look? I love pleated tops, the texture is always fun for the eye as well as the hand.

  2. oh la la! I think this is so clever and so so creative!! no wonder it kept you awake! love it!

  3. I really like your blue bubble dress. Such a creative way to use pleats!

  4. Wow, this was a good idea!

  5. Those pleats are to die for, I haven't even thought about it would be possible to do them like that - Very inspirational (and really lovely dress!)


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